Beyond Academics


Canary High is proud to be a school which recognises its duty to acknowledge and develop every student’s signature strengths along with their academics. At our campus we prioritise activities such as Gymnastics, Skating, Arts & Craft, Dance, Music & Foreign Language Classes as much as academics. Our schooling focuses on helping each child accomplish certain skill-based goals in
several fields and hobbies. According to us, skill-development is mandatory responsibility of academicians and must not be ignored during schooling years.


At Canary High, we offer a gymnastic programme for children of all age groups. We provide a safe, child focused environment where children can participate under the guidance of qualified coaches.


Skating classes are conducted every week post-school. Skating contributes to both the recreational and the athletic value in children. At Canary High we strive to keep children busy with various activities that serve the purpose of adding value to their individual growth.

Arts & Craft

Canary High leaves no stone unturned in helping each child explore and embrace their artistic side. We expose them to great ideas in arts and crafts both in their academics and beyond academics. This activity enables children to express their uniqueness at home, in the social circles as well as in the classroom.


Dance is a form of performing art that builds confidence and grace in young lives. Moreover, it keeps children active and their bodies remain engaged in the rhythm of fitness. At Canary High we conduct Dance classes every week for our little performers and future artists.


One out of our most earnest motive of making music classes available inside our campus itself is for every child to experience the inner joy that music brings. Canary High is an amazing place for children to engage in music and grow through it.

Foreign Language Classes

In today’s age, the levels of competition are unreal for the students. Against such a backdrop of global culture, students at Canary High have the edge over others because of our in-house exposure of foreign languages.